Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: ARC: Loving His Forever by LeAnn Ashers

Loving His Forever

I'm nobody. Homeless, afraid of my own shadow and haunted by memories. I went through the motions, but I wasn't living. Until him. He made me live again. He became my everything. Until he came back. The man that caused me to live in my own personal hell for years.

Brae is broken. She's haunted by memories. I saw the fire in her eyes flicker and it was enough. It consumed me. I was determined to see her thrive. I didn't expect to fall in love with her and that it would become everything. Nothing will stop me from protecting her. He will pay for her pain.

EEEKKK!!! Just freaking WOW!!! **sigh** Ms. LeAnn nailed it again! Loving His Forever is Brae and Ethan's story. A little recap... Braelyn or Brae is Sydney's bestfriend (from Protecting His Forever) and Ethan is Sydney's older brother. Anyway, in this book you will earn more about Brae. She's a tough woman despite all the things that she endured - I was emotional on most part of this book. Ethan, he's an amazing man and he's easy to fall in love. Actually, in this book, Ethan really shined. From the start up to the last of this book, there's no dull moments. Loved it!!! One of my favorite books read this year! 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Review: Drink of Me by Jacquelyn Frank

©ms_me28 (Myra)

Drink of Me by Jacquelyn Frank is one of my favorite books I've read! I rarely see an available paperback of this book in the local stores here in the Philippines.. I was shocked when I saw one available, so I did not hesitate to grab the copy! LOL! Anyway, you can read my review of this book below. 

P.S. This is one of the books I (re)read for 3x+! HAHAHA! Yes, it's that good for me. :)

Drink of Me

In a world where emotion can be a deadly weapon, one slight, battered runaway holds the key to a dark and twisted enigma. . . 

"Drink of me, " she whispers, her silver eyes trusting, pleading. What female dares speak such words to one of the Sange? His people are scorned by every race for their fierce sensuality, their fearful rituals. And as Prime, Reule is the most telepathically gifted of them all. 

But nothing has prepared him for the intensity of emotion radiating from the outlander rescued by his Pack. Terrified, tormented, but beautiful beyond measure, Mystique shatters his legendary control. As she reaches for him in the steamy heat of the healing baths, he knows this blind need can have but one end. . . 

In blood, in knowledge, in ecstasy. 

Praise for the Novels of Jacquelyn Frank 
"A lush narrative sure to please readers who have longed for new gothic and darkly romantic tales." --"Booklist" on "Gideon" 
"Frank's "NIGHTWALKER" series depicts an engrossing alternate world, drawn in prose that is lush and lyrical." --Linda Howard"

This is the first book I've ever read written by Ms. Jacquelyn Frank and I WAS HOOKED!!!! From the start up to the last, this book really got me! The story and the characters are really great. This book will take you to another world. I easily fell in love with Reule! **sigh** if only this guy is real!!! Anyway, all the other members of Reule's pack are oh-so-drool-and-swoon-worthy characters! I really wish and hope there would be next books starring them.. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review: Must Love Wieners (A Rescue Dog Romance #1) by Casey Griffin

Must Love Wieners (A Rescue Dog Romance #1)


First in a wickedly funny new series brimming with mystery and romance!

Piper Summers works like a dog juggling three jobs to put herself through veterinary school—driving taxis, delivering pizzas, and singing telegrams. Thankfully, Piper has her devoted dachshund Colin to help her keep things in line. That is, until she gets fired...and someone throws her a bone that is too good to resist.

Aiden Caldwell is an Armani ad come to life—a billionaire CEO who’s just adopted a dachshund from the rescue center where Piper volunteers. He’s hot on Piper’s tail to be his personal dog walker...but he may be after more than a walker for his wiener. The gorgeous, spirited Piper is everything he’s ever wanted from a woman—and more. But can Piper ever love, and trust, a man who has never learned to open his heart—or has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Must Love Wieners is the first book in Casey Griffin's Rescue Dog Romance series!


Must Love Wieners is a good read. Interesting start and I love the characters. The way the story started really wowed me. As the story goes, things get more interesting between the two characters. I love the banter between the two lead characters, I was easily pulled into them. Anyway, I gave it a 4 star because I kind of having an issue with the heroine's attitude sometimes...but overall, I have no problems with the story.

**Copy received from netgalley**

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Short Reviews

Here are some of the reviews of the books that I purchased on amazon. :)
Feel free to comment on your thoughts!

Captured by the Alien Savage by Marina Maddix and Flora Dare

Captured by the Alien Savage: A SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Mating Season Book 1) by [Maddix, Marina, Dare, Flora]

Just when I think nothing else could go wrong…I see her.

My crew and I are on a desperate mission hunting a villain, but he’s always one step ahead. Now we’re stuck in orbit over a primitive planet called ‘Earth’ without enough fuel to get us home. And worst of all, every last one of us is about to go into heat.

That’s bad. Very bad.

Our only hope of survival lies somewhere on the surface. I can’t afford any distractions, least of all a beautiful, curvy human female who my body tells me is my fated mate, my amavar. But that’s impossible! My mate can’t be human…can she?   

Wow! This is the first book I read written by Ms. Marina. I loved it! I love these kinds of books and this one did not disappoint me
Loved it! From the start up to the last, I was hooked!  

Sizzle by Sarah O'Rourke

Sizzle by [O'Rourke, Sarah]

Molly Ramsey lives a nice, normal life. Her cat, her dog, and her two best friends are more than enough for her, thank you very much. Working for her brother’s best friend helps pay the bills, even though she often wants to strangle the sizzling-hot egomaniac with his own outrageously expensive tie!
William “Devil” Delancy built his vast empire through sheer determination and corporate takeover. The millionaire always gets what he wants...from women to companies and all points in between. And when he is done with them, he discards them without another thought. So when his sainted, dying grandmother voices her concern about his lack of a wife, he does what he knows best: he takes what he wants! And it just so happens that the woman nearest and dearest to him is his own assistant – the beautiful Molly.
Join this racy, rollicking romantic comedy that will take you from giggles to gasps and see just how far the Devil can push the unsinkable Molly before she sets both their worlds on fire. Romantica, erotica, humor, comedy and much more in 130,000+ words.   

Sizzle, interesting and fun story. I love how the story started and there's never any dull moment. From the start up to the last, this book made me laugh and cry!

The characters, Molly and Devil are great. I love both personalities that made the story interesting and fun.I love the chemistry of the characters. They are easy to love and relate with. Molly, I love her tough, sass and a no nonsense attitude.She's easy to get attached to and relate with. Devil, a hot alpha male. Despite his tough attitude, his a softy when he's dealing/facing Molly and his grandma!I love him!!

The story, gah!I loved it! Molly and Devil's "relationship" will be tested.
And will they step up and act their true feelings with each other?

Interesting concept and characters. I love how Ms. Sarah made this book romantic and fun at the same time!  

With Everything I Am by Kristen Ashley

With Everything I Am (The Three Series Book 2) by [Ashley, Kristen]

One night, Callum is driven into the woods by instinct, an instinct to protect. In the form of wolf, he meets a young human child who he is instantly drawn to in a fierce way he doesn’t quite understand.

Sonia Arlington has lived a lonely life. She has certain abilities that make her strange and she has a rare disease that, if untreated, could kill her. Her father makes her vow that she will never let others discover her abilities. This forces Sonia to stay distant, always guarding against exposure.

Intelligence leaks that Sonia is Callum’s human mate. He is now King of the Werewolves and has war on his hands. He’s forced to claim his mate and integrate Sonia into a world that is strange and frightening.

As Sonia attempts to adjust, Callum attempts to cope with the knowledge that his mate is mortal. He will have her beauty and gentleness only the length of a mortal life making their union unbearably bitter even as Sonia makes it unbelievably sweet.  

Ms. Kristen nailed it again!! With Everything I Am is Callum and Sonia's story. This book is full of surprises. I was hooked from the start up to the last. Anyway, I loved it more because I saw some characters from the previous book. =) loved it! I'm excited to read the 3rd book!!!  

Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley

Wild and Free (The Three Series Book 3) by [Ashley, Kristen]

 Abel Jin and Delilah Johnson have lived their lives with a hole in their soul, yearning for something they don’t understand.

Until one night Delilah is in mortal danger and a man who’s otherworldly strong and supernaturally fast saves her. Delilah is then cast into a world where fiction comes to life in the form of Abel, her destined mate, a vampire/werewolf hybrid who claims her at first breath as his.

But Abel knows the danger isn’t done. He’s dreamed for centuries that his mate will perish and he will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

For Delilah, she’s not only coping with fantasy come to life, but a mingling of very different families. Not to mention, she has on her hands a man who doesn’t understand his true nature and has lived his long life thinking he’s a monster.

Abel and Delilah together fills the hole that has been clawing at them for decades. But finally finding each other, it also tips their destinies as the last of The Three. They must unite with the other destined lovers, who with Abel and Delilah, are fated to save the world.

Or die trying.   

Ms. Kristen nailed it again! My gosh! This book is packed with drama, romance, a little bit of comedy, action and tragedy. Loved it!!! I wish there would be a novella on the next event that happened to the three couples and the others..  


Monday, July 25, 2016

Review: Moon Mark (Mark #2) by Scarlett Dawn

Moon Mark (Mark, #2)

Subject Name: Madeline Faire
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Designation: Prisoner
Temperament: Curious

When natural disaster strikes Joyal, Madeline is tossed from her planet into the hands of the Kireg. Madeline has always feared the Kireg, an alien who can bend—or snap—a mind with only a thought. What she found on their home planet is even more frightening. Civil unrest has exploded and enemies are everywhere. But the one thing she never expected to find was her mate, the rebellion leader who started the war. 


EEKKK!! Love this book! I was hooked from the start up to the last! Moon Mark is Madeline and Geo's story. Geo is an alien, a rebellion leader, who will meet his match in Madeline. LOL. Anyway, when Madeline was chosen things get interesting. What I love about this book is that it's full of surprises and I was easily hooked on the story. The characters are also good, love them. I also love the surprises the story entails! Ms. Scarlett nailed nailed it!

Review: What Might Have Been (Daniels Brothers #4) by Sherri Hayes

What Might Have Been (Daniels Brothers #4)

Trent Daniels only has one regret in life. Nearly fifteen years ago, he let his high school crush, Abby Hoffman, go off to college in New York City without telling her how he felt. Ever since, he’s wondered what would have happened if he’d been bold enough to tell her his feelings.

Abigail Hoffman left Ohio behind long ago and with it the family that had taken her in and embraced her as one of their own. She’s missed the Daniels family, but she couldn’t bring herself to face them again—not after what happened. Now her job has brought her back to the place she’s done her best to avoid and right smack into Trent Daniels.

An interesting read that will make you fall in love all over again. This book is Trent and Abigail's story. As you can read on the synopsis, Trent let his crush go off to college without telling her his feelings. Then after a few years, Abigail is brought back to the place where the Daniels family live. Things will get interesting and revelations will happen that will change their lives. What I love about this book is that I was easily get pulled to Trent and Abigail's story and the characters are easy to relate with. I may not have a book hangover for this book but it's a good read. Ms. Sherri did a great job! Loved it!