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Review: Infallible by Bailey Quinn

THE MOMENT DETECTIVE SCARLET ANNE MARTINS stepped into that prison, her resolve began to wane, a struggle she had long forgotten between heart and head. Unable to deny it any longer, the feelings she had for Alaric were strong—and her desperation to save him, would ultimately be what would killed them both. For a super cop, her judgment in men truly failed her. But while her life, and anyone's who tried to stop her was in mortal danger, she had to forget every single detail about Special Agent Blade. Her primary focus was getting through the next twenty-four hours without killing anyone. Thereafter, her purpose would be to find a way to put behind bars those who were framing her for murder, and the bombing in New York City. It would prove to be an almost impossible task, since she had become a fugitive in a foreign country. This time, her drop-dead gorgeous looks and South African accent would work against her in every way—she would be recognized in a heartbeat on the streets. With n…

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