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Review: G.I. BABY by Eve Montelibano

Major Craig Walker is an elite, decorated combat pilot. He's an eagle in the sky, a free bird and busy killing in the name of democracy. His social life is as good as dead. Women are just a source of momentary physical pleasures as he has no time to build any semblance of relationship. Even during tour breaks, a soldier is never really off duty outside the base. He's on call, anywhere he is. Uncle Sam’s number is a 24-hour b*tch of a hotline.
He likes fast women. No pressure. Not much effort. No drama. He's with them for only one reason, to pound the bloodlust out of his system using their beautiful bodies. Come and go. That's his deal. Fast women want the same. They like to wear his monster down. A big challenge as he's an insatiable f*ck after each tour. His life is a routine of flight missions and casual encounters with women and he likes to keep it that way--uncomplicated and free.
Now he's on his RNR again, a short break in between fl…

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